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Product Features

Available for Prepar3D, FSX and FS2004

100% high definition custom made textures

Realistic weathered and worn ground markings and runways

Custom building shadows

Stunning night lighting

Supported by Aerosoft's AES (due next iteration)

Thousands of hand-placed trees and lush 3D grass

Airport software code optimized for increased performance

Surrounding satellite photo mesh

Enhanced custom made hand-placed surrounding autogen

Interactive docking guidance system (DGS)

Hundreds of apron service and support vehicles

Complete non-generic runway and taxiway signage

Unique concrete, tarmac and grass texturing

Thousands of custom made and hand placed parked cars

Realistic taxiway centre and edge lighting

Tested and approved by real-life airline pilots


Our KAUS Austin Bergstrom Intl Airport USA brings to you an exciting evolution in quality following on from our critically acclaimed ZSPD Shanghai release. The result of thousands of hours of in-depth research and development, KAUS is a step closer than ever before in making your flightsim airport experience as real-world as possible. Austin Bergstrom now handles in excess of 10m passengers each year, serving cities right across the US, Europe and Central America. Released 15 November 2014.


We want you to be happy when buying one of our airports so please try the free demo version first to make sure that everything works smoothly with your PC setup. High resolution screenshots can be downloaded here. Once you have purchased you will need an internet connection to complete installation.


Prepar3D upgrade notes.

1. FSX to Prepar3D v2 and v3. Customers who have already purchased our FSX version of KAUS Austin can download the conversion to Prepar3D files for free here.

2. Prepar3D v2 to v3 (Flightsim Store). If you already own the FSX or Prepar3D v2 version and would like the v3 version then log into your Flightsim Store account. V3 will be included among your purchase history.

3. Preapar3D v2 to v3 (Flight1 Wrapper). If you purchased the Prepar3D v2 version through the Flight 1 wrapper then redownload here and v3 will be available via the wrapper's re-install option.

4. SimMarket customers. We are sorry but we are unable to offer upgrades to customers that originally purchased though SimMarket. However, you can still upgrade from FSX to Prepar3D by using Option 1, or upgrade your Prepar3Dv2 to v3 with Option 1 then follow the v2 to v3 notes contained in the FAQ section here.



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