VIDP New Delhi updates



      General airport update

      Addresses missing or flickering ground texture problems at the airport that some customers with certain graphics cards

      experience. Contains a new AFCAD that solves the problem of AI aircraft becoming stuck while waiting to depart RWY28. Fixes

      and amendments for broken, missing or misaligned taxiways, taxi lines and edge lines. Removes duplicated taxi sign at

      intersection CW2/W1. Fixes black border around taxiway centre lights that affects some graphics cards.

      Please read the documentation that comes with the download for full information. You can use this update in addition to any other

      update you may have used at the airport.


 FS2004 and FSX

      AFCAD/ADE file (optional file)

      With the completion of the new international Terminal 3 facility in 2010, the old international Terminal 2 building faces an

      uncertain future. There are various plans ranging from demolition all the way to conversion to a dedicated VIP complex. To date

      the building remains unused.



      General airport update

      A 2016 recompile using sophisticated LOD techniques to improve performance.



      General airport update

      Increases the visibility range of the remote parking light poles.


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