KCVG Cincinnati updates



      Texture update

      Download size: nil

      Due to an oversight during production of the initial release of KCVG Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport, some customers will

      have noticed on approach to RWY9 at dawn/dusk/night our 'imaginesim' logo. This image should have been removed prior to

      release but was overlooked. If your installation of KCVG Cincinnati has this image then simply look in your FS\Imagine

      Simulation\KCVG Cincinnati\Texture folder and delete the file "tile3z_lm.bmp". The next time you start MSFS the image will have




      AI aircraft update

      Download size: nil

      Some KCVG customers who had previously been using freeware Cincinnati add-ons are experiencing AI aircraft floating a few

      feet above the ground. This is due to changes made to the default MSFS ground elevation in the area by the freeware add-on. To

      fix this problem please contact us via support@imaginesim.com and we will send you the original MSFS file.



      Texture update

      Download size: 16kb

      A texture set to fix Ultimate Terrain USA (or similar global add-on products) night time ground bleedthrough at RWY18R/36L.

      Please read the documentation that comes with the download for full information.



      Service Pack (SP)

      Download size: 3.2mb

      This SP update pack implements a comprehensive set of updates, alterations and fixes. The airport shows improved frame rate

      performance across a wide variety of processors and graphics displays. Display anomalies at the airport boundary areas have

      been corrected. This update also includes a new and improved AFCAD/ADE file. Please read the documentation that comes with

      the download for full information. You can use this update in addition to any other update you may have used at the airport.




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